N.O.B.T.A Rules and Regulations


1. The contests listed in this brochure are official USTA sanctioned contests and all USTA rules, regulations, judges and music will be used.
2. No refunds will be given for any reason whatsoever. This also includes postponement due to severe weather conditions and compulsory
3. Neither the contest directors nor the contest facilities will be held responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property.
4. Concessions will be served throughout the day. No outside food or drinks are permitted in the building. No smoking on school property.
5. Admission donation $5.00 - 12 & over, $3.00 - 6-11. Senior citizens (65 & up) and those under the age of 6 are free. Door opens at 8:00 AM
6. Programs are $1.00. One program will be posted.
7. Contestants compete at the age they will be on December 31st of the year of the contest. Anyone falsifying a birthdate or 1st place will
8. There is a one day membership for individuals, the fee is $5.00. Any athlete wishing to compete at the USTA national competition must be an Individual USTA member as they do not accept non-member fee. Individual, Group, or Organizational Memberships may be obtained through USTA.
9. The set system will be used at all contests. Be sure to check program and note the set and lane for each event entered. No one will be allowed to perform outside their exact set number. If you feel there is an error on the program, please contact the contest director. If the error was a result from incorrect information on an entry, the contestant will be withdrawn from the event and no refund will be given. Contestant’s name will be announced. Athletes will be given a minimum of three sets (if possible) between performances.
10. USTA has as a main goal, the development and promotion of GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Unsportsmanlike conduct and /or behavior will not be tolerated.
11. Rule changes made by the USTA Board of Directors will automatically go into effect at the proper time and take priority over those stated.
12. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Entry must be received by the **deadline date** listed at the top of each entry blank. A COPY OF USTA CARD IS NOT NECESSARY, just your USTA number. If you have not renewed your membership or joined USTA by deadline date you must pay member for a day fee of $12.00.
13. If you are entering Compulsories or Movement Technique you must enclose a copy of your CAS record card.
14. NO PHONE ENTRIES. NO EXCEPTIONS. Enter online at or send a hard copy with check.
15. Group Warm Ups - There will be open gym from 8:00-8:25 for visiting teams, corps and majorette/flag lines.
16. Group comments will be provided on your recordable DVR to be picked up at conclusion of groups. Individuals will be email from DVR.
17. GROUP MUSIC: Music. Please bring a CD or iPod with a copy of your music to the announcers table at least one set ahead of your performance. Music should be of good quality. Avoid recording music on computer without proper software. We will not be emailing music this year.
18. The process of establishing a team or corps age divisions by averaging the ages of the members. Add all the ages together, then divide by the number in the group. Each group will have the option of competing in an older division than the average age if there is at least one member whose age is within that higher age division. When the average age has a decimal digit, drop the decimal and use only the number as the average age. Age divisions 7 & under -Tiny Tot(all members must be 7 & under),9 & under- Primary, 10-13 - Juvenile, 14-17 - Junior, 18 & over - Senior.
19. An athlete may be a member of more than one team, but each team cannot compete against each other. An athlete cannot compete against him or herself.
20. Organizations with more than one group entering a contest must list each group on a separate form along with birthdates and USTA numbers. The same group entering dance twirl and twirl teams can use the same entry form. You must list your music selection. In order to compete in both categories, you must use two different routines understanding that selected sections may be used in both routines. You must utilize completely different song/music selections.
21. If a group has entered a contest and the day of the competition a member cannot perform for any reason, and it changes your category, that group will not be able to perform in a new category. However, group may perform for comments only.
22. An athlete may participate in "Special" Basic, Military, Presentation and /or Solo events at the discretion of the athlete's coach based on the needs of athletes with physical and/or significant learning disabilities. Any student who scores a 3.0 or better in a special category must move on to the Novice category.
23. A competitive first place description…more than one athlete in the division.
24. Novice - A contestant/group who has never won less than (3) competitive first place in that event. First place wins in Novice count toward total wins.
25. Beginner- A contestant/group who has won less than five (5) competitive first place awards in that event. When the fifth first place award is won, the contestant may no longer enter the Beginner Division in that event.
26. Intermediate - A contestant/group who has won less than ten (10) competitive first place awards in that event. When the tenth first place award is won, the contestant may no longer enter the intermediate division in that event.
27. Advanced - A contestant who has won ten (10) or more competitive first place awards in a particular events.
28. As novice, beginner, or intermediate you may move freely into a higher classification even though entered in their own class. Advanced, intermediate, and beginners may not enter lower classes. All wins count except studio or school contests or where there is no competition. Where there are only beginner and advanced categories, five first places move the contestant to advanced. USTA recognizes ALL OTHER TWIRLING ASSOCIATIONS 1st place wins.
29. Any age event may be COMBINED if less than three (3) are entered in the event.
30. Critique Solos - Contestants will be furnished with a digital recording via email. This is not a competitive event.
31. Presentation: The athlete may start the 12 count intro facing the front or back. Simple baton and body combinations are appropriate. Stationary and traveling complex moves are not acceptable. The 12 count intro finishes facing the front.
32. In the event of a discrepancy, the judge’s master is final.
33. Awards may vary slightly at different contests. This is the discretion of the contest director.
34. Awards: Individual 1st Trophy - 2nd thru 5th place medal. Group Events 1st thru 3rd trophy.
35. There will be a $30.00 NSF charge for any returned checks.
36. You may evaluate no more then (2) levels of Compulsories or Movement Technique at any competition.

You can renew your membership online at www.ustwirling.com

If you don't receive an email confirmation within 7 days of submitting your entry, please contact the setup coordinator. Jamie Kieffer Email: jamiekieffer1@yahoo.com Phone: 330-987-3661